Thanks for coming here to find our more about me and my site. My name is Jay and I am the Yeast Geek.

This project is about taking all of the best practices for homebrewing and compiling them in one place. There are lots of forums, websites, books, etc. with incredible, and other conflicting, advice but it can take forever to find out whose opionion to listen to. I hope my site helps to solve this problem.

I have been homebrewing for over 10 years and believe myself to be a very talented and knowledgable homebrewer. I have brewed extract, all-grain, and my preferred method, BIAB. I have been featured on The Sour Hour podcast a few times talking about sour beer.

I worked at Stout Tanks and Kettles for several years selling commercial and nano brewery equipment so I am a little partial to their equipment. Now that I no longer work there, I can also appreciate the equipment from my once nemesis – SS Brewtech.

I currently work at Brewmation, Inc. selling brewery and distillery equipment so hit me up if you are looking to go pro.

Check out my pictures below and let me know if you want to connect, if you notice and errors on the site or if you want to write an article for us.


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